During the past few years we have had many collaborations with leading Jewish communities and have performed at events around United States including Indianapolis, Omaha, Nebraska, Austin TX, New Jersey, Munster IN, Canton OH, and Youngstown OH





Shuli & Moshe  Dayan have been performing for years in Israel and abroad,singing Israeli songs from both the past and present
In recent years, the singing duo has been very popular on the Israeli music scene 

Moshe, was born in Akko, he has been singing and acting on stage since the age of 10. Moshe has participated in festivals, singing troupes, and studied  acting at the Akko Theater. He has appeared in countless television programs and frequently interviewed for newspaper,radio and electronic media. He has also performed abroad on many occasions

Shuli, was born in Tel Aviv, where she lived until she met Moshe.she has been singing and acting since the age of 15. In her youth, Shuli partici-pated  in the Tel Aviv Municipal Youth Entertainment Troupe,conducted by Yair Klinger and also studied acting
Since their marriage, Shuli has been performing with Moshe on stages across the country and all over the world

In recent years, the duo has appeared in a program called Singing in Twos. Singing in Twos is a show that includes the best of Israeli music through the  generations. The show features new arrangements for the songs and audience participation. The song lyrics are projected in English,with photos of the Israeli landscape and the couple talks about the songs during the show