Moshe Dayan is professional musician with deep experience performing around the world. Leveraging is popularity on the Israeli music scene and their experience performing at multiple celebrations, a United States tour has been announced.
Moshe was born in Akko, and has been singing and acting on stage since the age of 10. Moshe has participated in festivals and singing troupes, and has studied acting at the Akko Theater.
He has appeared in countless television programs and is frequently interviewed for newspaper, radio and electronic media. He has also performed abroad on many occasions.
Marom Mor
Marom is a famous mentalist that has been performing in Israel and around the world for the last 20 years. Marom is a world class performer that is known for his extraordinary talent for mind reading, thought influencing, telekinesis, bending spoons and forks with his mind and many more effects that will leave you lost for words.
During one of his shows abroad, Marom s astonishing performance managed to catch the eye of famed illusionist Uri Geller. Having been so impressed by Marom, Uri Geller decided to become his mentor and take a part of his success.

Uri Geller described Marom s performances with the following quote. '
The show includes the best of Israeli music through the generations.
The show features new arrangements for the songs and audience participation. The song lyrics are projected in English. Photos of the Israeli landscape and explanation from Moshe throughout the performance make this show a hit with all nationalities-no Hebrew required!
Between the songs Marom, the Mentalist, will perform breath- taking effects that will be relevant to your goals as an organization, Israel and the topic of the next song. 

The combination of the singer Moshe with Marom, the Mentalist, has proven to turn any event to an unforgettable one and that will be talked about for years to come!


Contact : Moshe Dayan 

(312) 340-0289   + 972-50-5342778